Collection: BUNZABURO


The store front view of Katayama Bunzaburo Shoten in Kyoto, Japan


BUNZABURO is a brand of Katayama Bunzaburo Shoten, a tie-dye (Shibori) specialty store established in 1914 in Kyoto, Japan. The unique and bold designs that take advantage of the unevenness of tie-dyeing form an entirely new "wearable art," a fusion of fashion and art. The brand fashionably sublimated "Tie-dye," which had spread from hippie culture to the rest of the world and made a comeback as a trend in recent years as a form of Shibori.

We offer their accessories first, but we'll stock their clothing by the end of the year. 

If you are interested in their products besides what we carry in this store, please visit their global online store

Our founder, Coco Masuda, is the overseas manager for the brand. If you are interested in carrying BUNZABURO products in your retail store, please let us know.