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 Small Pom-Pom Bag - Satin

 Small Pom-Pom Bag - Satin

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BUNZABURO's Pom-Pom Bags come in large and small pom-poms (bubble-shaped shibori). These bags are covered with small pom-poms are super adorable made with shiny and satin fabric. The fabric is soft but has a double structure, so each bag stretches just a little and keeps its shape. They are light and convenient to carry and work in both casual and elegant occasions. 

More colors coming soon! 

Material: Polyester 100%

Width: 20 <> 25 cm / 7.87 <>9.84 inches
Length: 21 <> 25 cm / 8.27 <> 9.84 inches

Design and dyeing done in Japan 
Shibori process done in China

*The size specifications are measured without anything inside the bag.
*The size may vary slightly depending on the material and the type of shibori process.
*The color on the screen and the color of the actual product may be slightly different.
*Laundry is easy by putting it in the washing net and using the washing machine.

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