Collection: HAKUICHI


Founded in 1975 by Kuniko Asano, Hakuichi pioneered the gold leaf industry. At the time of the company's founding, although 99% of gold leaf in Japan was produced in Kanazawa prefecture, it was treated only as a craft material, and nowhere was it labeled as Kanazawa foil. Mrs. Asano was determined to change that. 

She wanted people to use Kanazawa foil not as a luxury but an everyday item. She wanted to convey Kanazawa foil throughout Japan as a brand originating from Kanazawa. What she has accomplished for the company and Kanazawa was remarkable. Now, Mr. Tatsuya Asano, her son, continues to strive to connect Japan's excellent craftsmanship to the future.


 Thanks to their creative director, Shoko Tsurumoto, my dear friend, I was introduced to Mrs. Asano in 2020 at the Hakuichi showroom. Mrs. Asano said, "I want to do a project with you in New York!" But she regretfully passed away in February of this year, 2023. Well, Ms. Asano, we are carrying on your wish and are introducing your products to New York and beyond. 

I hope you will enjoy Hakuishi's gorgeous products in your home.