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Spiky Shibori Bracelet Narrow Width Metallic

Spiky Shibori Bracelet Narrow Width Metallic

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SVH Silver
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BUNZABURO's Bai-shibori funky bracelet with a slight shimmer makes your style instantly unique. The bracelet's front and back have different impressions, so you can enjoy them differently. 

Material: 100% Polyester

Designed and dyed: Japan
Shibori process: China

Machine washable using a laundry mesh bag. Hang it dry in the mesh bag or flat to prevent stretching the Shibori texture.
*Colors on the screen and the actual product may differ slightly.
*Sizes may vary slightly depending on the material and the type of shibori process.

Product ID
VRH Red: SC58540VRH
SVH Silver: SC57810SVH
BKH Black: SC57810BKH

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