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Large Pom-Pom Bag Metallic

Large Pom-Pom Bag Metallic

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LRSV 13 Pink
RGD 16 Red
CGD 1 Pure Gold
CSV 6 Pure Silver
BRGD 7 Brown Gold
BKSV 12 Black Silver

BUNZABURO's Pom-Pom Bags come in large and small pom-poms (bubble-shaped shibori). These bags are covered with large Pom-Poms made with shiny and metallic materials. The fabric is firm and has a double structure, so each bag stretches just a little and keeps its shape. They are light and convenient to carry but make a big statement. 

Material:100% Polyester

20cm <> 25 cm W x 21cm <>25 cm L 

Design, dyeing, sewing in Japan
Shibori process in China

*The size specifications are measured without any objects.
*The size may vary slightly depending on the material and the type of shibori process.
*Due to the nature of Shibori, the colors of each piece vary, and the colors on the screen and the actual product's colors may be slightly different.

Product ID
LRSV 13 Pink: AB6189LRSV
RGD 16 Red: AB61890RGD
CGD 1 Pure Gold: AB61890CGD
CSV 6 Pure Silver: AB61890CSV
BRGD 7 Brown Gold: AB6189BRGD
BKSV 12 Black Silver: AB6189BKSV

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