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"There l Sense Something" by Yumi Terauchi

"There l Sense Something" by Yumi Terauchi

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This award-winning art book of a renowned Japanese product designer, now also a gallery owner in Karatsu, Japan, brings you on a journey of meeting skillful artisans and exquisite Japanese products with the lyrical photography of Yoshitaka Koshiya. 

Inspired by Japanese binding, the book is 3.5 cm thick and appears like an objet d'art. It makes a perfect gift for art lovers, design-conscious family members, or special friends. Or treat your senses.

There are no explanatory notes on the pages of the book of works. The technique of the craft, the place where the work was created, and the name of the work are written quietly in the corner of the page.

The explanation is printed and hidden on the back of the silver foiled belly band. We, CoCollaborations, worked on the English translation.

"When I get to know the essence of handicrafts through collaborating with artisans, words can't express how deeply moved I am. Driven by that excitement, I continue producing works, hoping they remain beautiful eternally while projecting the senses we need now. Although I respect traditions and customs, I do not want to be bound by them and choose to prioritize capturing the essence; there, I sense something."
Yumi Terauchi - product designer

Width: 21 cm / 8.29 inches
Length: 27.4 cm / 10.79 inches
Depth: 3.5 cm / 1.38 inches

Weight: 1317 g / 2.9 lb

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