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Silk Obai Shibori Scarf

Silk Obai Shibori Scarf

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634 Red
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If you want to stand out in the crowd, finish your wardrobe with one of these spiky shibori scarves made with crisp silk organdy. It will be a bold statement, but you would be surprised by how adjustable these scarves are. While one is large enough to cover the shoulders, you can roll it into a small shape like a flower. You can also turn it inside out for an unexpectedly understated impression.

It is perfect for parties, but you can wear it inside a coat to make an everyday outfit more special.  

Material: 100% Silk

It stretches significantly from approximately 83.82 cm / 33 inches.

Designed and dyed in Japan, and shibori processed in China.

* Colors on the screen may differ slightly from the actual product.
* There may be slight deviations in size due to the material and the shibori process.
* Please use a petroleum-based dry cleaning service, and do not wash with household dry-cleaning products.
* Due to the nature of the dyeing process and the use of natural materials, the color of this product may fade with moisture or sweat, and the tie may stretch.
* To maintain the three-dimensional effect of the shibori, please keep it away from moisture.

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634 Red: SC59210634
600 Gray x Ivory: SC59210600
512 Blue: SC59210512
175 Black: SC59210175

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