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HAKO Paper Incense - Wooden Box Set

HAKO Paper Incense - Wooden Box Set

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Made of paper, leaf-shaped incense, "HA KO" is made with a luxurious blend of natural essential oils. HA means leaf, and KO means incense in Japanese. 

This attractive wooden box set has six individual HA KO Paper Incense leaves, a nonflammable felt mat, and a burning dish, ready to enjoy the aroma—perfect for a gift.

How to burn HA KO:
After lighting HA KO and blowing out the flame, place it on the nonflammable felt mat provided on a plate (ceramic, glass, or other fireproof material).
Allow the smoke to smolder and spread the fragrance throughout the space for 5-7 minutes per piece (depending on the environment and humidity of the room).
Please be careful not to let the incense fly away with wind or air conditioning during use.


  • Six pieces of paper incense
  • A nonflammable felt pad
  • The dish in the photo is not included.

Box dimensions
Width: 10.8 cm /4.25 inches
Length: 10.8 cm / 4.25 inches

box: Wood
Incense: Washi paper, IFRA-compliant synthetic fragrance
Burning dish: Ceramic
Burner mat: Non-flammable felt


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