Collection: Petit Bags

The maker of the popular Petit Bags, BUNZABURO, is based in Kyoto, Japan. The bags are made of polyester satin and are known for their spiky Bai shibori texture. Incredibly elastic, each bag is compact when empty but can expand to double the size. You can use it as an eco-bag or an extra bag, but they have star quality for going out. Pack a few of them when traveling, and you are all set in any situation.

The problem is . . . which one to get?

Solid colors are softer. Metallic ones are stiffer but hold their shapes better. 
They come in a spectrum of colors, so start collecting!
Perfect for gifting, too.

"Mini-Mini" is a little sister of Petit Bag. Puku-Puku texture is also Shibori, but a little different from spiky Bai Shibori. They are tiny and adorable when empty but expand to hold a cell phone, a folded wallet, and lipstick.